Generation 1, Chapter 2: New Town


After moving the McCrays to a new town named Sunlit Tides, Ice wanted to go fishing, so off I sent her. While fishing, Ice feels the baby move for the first time. She’s probably secretly wishing she could toss the baby in with the fishes, after he/she is born.


While Ice is off fishing, Fire is working on his athletic skill, by jogging.

Reading pregnancy books

Although Ice didn’t want to carry a baby around for nine months both she and Fire both made sure to read up on pregnancy. Ice’s reason for reading up on it, was because she didn’t want any surprises coming up about something she wasn’t too fond of doing in the first place.

Imbue the Tree of Prosperity for Fruit of Body

The McCrays purchased a Tree of Prosperity, and Fire imbued it for Fruit of the Body.

headed to first day of workScreenshot-7Gave her 2 points in guitar skill

While Fire headed off to his first day of work, Ice decided to harvest and eat the fruit from the prosperity tree. “How am I supposed eat this?!”, Ice screamed. “It’s as hard as rock!” Ice did manage to eat the fruit and gained 2 points in guitar skill, as a reward.


Ice decided to go for swim in the ocean, but getting in the water was no small task. The water was as cold as Ice’s heart, causing her to slowly tip toe into the deeper part of the ocean.


Once in the ocean, Ice did manage to enjoy her swim, that is until her stomach started to growl, which meant she had to swim all the way back and tip toe back to dry land…..

Swimming would be easier if I wasn't pregnant

which was obviously too much for Ice to handle. “That would’ve been so much easier if my belly wasn’t growing so quickly!”, Ice shouted. “Why do I have to carry this child anyways? Why can’t you just plop a baby in the crib for me, you’re the creator aren’t you?”, she continued, as she glared straight into the camera, as if to say, “I hate you, you evil game player!”.


Fire was in the middle of a strength workout, when he heard his wife scream out in pain. “Get this baby out of me now, or I will freeze your game to no return!” Ice screamed into the camera, while clinching her stomach. Off to the hospital the couple went, and the minute she walked through the doors, Ice gave birth to their first child.


Fire & Ice welcomed their daughter, Frosty McCray into the world, Frosty hates the outdoors and is grumpy, about like her mother. Ice couldn’t even bring herself to look at her daughter. This would have to change, because she would have to tend to Frosty while Fire was at work.

Timi Khan - babysitterScreenshot-19

First day at home, and Frosty was already being left with a babysitter. Ice had to go play guitar for the theatre, so she hired Timi Khan to watch her daughter. Ice had requirements though, and that was that anyone who was employed by the McCrays would wear the McCray colours.


Fire wasn’t home from work yet, and Frosty started crying, while Ice was napping in the rocker. That meant that Ice would have to not only look at her daughter, but she would have to tend to her as well. “Do I have to do this? I really don’t want any part of this.”, she thought.


But, as Ice fed Frosty her bottle, a hint of a smile appeared on Ice’s face. Could having a baby melt just a tiny bit of the icy cold heart inside Ice’s chest???

Until next time, God Bless!!!


Legacy On Hold

Unfortunately, my crazy computer is hollering at me to let it slow down, and is threatening to not let me play TS3 at all. So, until I get my new laptop, which may be a few more months, I am having to uninstall all EPs and just play the base game. Hopefully, computer will allow this. Because of this, I will have to put all my legacy on hold until new computer finds it way into my hands.

Meet the Founders


Meet Fire & Ice McCray. Fire’s traits are athletic, brave, friendly, great kisser, and hopeless romantic. Ice’s traits are absent-minded, brooding, grumpy, no sense of humor, and snob. 

I’m not so sure how well they’ll get along, but the two of them will attempt to leave behind a legacy that will contain a great bit of fire and ice.

Generation 1, Chapter 1


While Fire was out applying for a job at the Sports Stadium, Ice decided to check out the new house Fire had purchased just a week before moving to Moonlight Falls. Ice was not happy to see a crib in their new home either.


“I can’t believe he’s going to make me carry a baby around in my belly for nine months!”, Ice screamed. Although she knew that was the only way to pass down the McCray legacy, Ice was not liking the idea of becoming a mother. Ice was never a very warm gal, not even when she was a baby. Before her parents could name her, she was expressing her hatred for others. She practically screamed 24/7, and all the doctors assured her parents that there was nothing wrong with her, except she just didn’t like anyone, but herself. With that, her parents finally decided that Ice was the perfect name for such an icy cold girl like herself. Her parents always said she could freeze anything with the icy look she gave everyone.


Fire didn’t waste any time at all once he was home, he was ready to become a father as soon as possible. Fire was always the warmest, and most loving guy a girl could wish for. When he was born, he warmed his mother’s heart so much, that she gave him the name Fire. She always told her friends that he had a fire in his heart and soul, that she didn’t ever think would burn out, and for that, she was proud.

Rick Durwood, Bianca Crumplebottom, and Beatrice Crumplebottom

What a time for the neighbors to drop by and welcome the McCray family to the neighborhood. The couple were just about to finish up their business when the doorbell rang.


Ice didn’t hesitate to welcome her neighbors either. “Hi, I’m Ice McCray, and you are my best friend right now. Let’s just hope my hubby’s little men aren’t marching around in my womb right now”. Ice discovered that Bianca Crumplebottom was a witch and she had two sister witches as well, Beatrice (girl in the striped shirt) being one of them.


Once inside away from Ice, Bianca took the chance to hit on Fire. Seeing as Ice made that snide little comment about him, Bianca assumed Fire would enjoy it. Apparently, Fire’s totally head over heels in love with his wife, even though she’s a cold as the North Pole, because he was very upset with Bianca.


Ice didn’t miss Bianca’s little stunt either, she ran right into the living room, ready to blast Bianca with a chill that she’d never forget. “How dare you try and steal my husband! Just because I don’t want to carry a little mini-me for nine months, it doesn’t give you the right to flaunt your witchy self all over him, especially after I even considered you a friend! Get out of my house and never return, or I will turn you into a block of ice!”. The Crumplebottom sisters left straight away, without a word.


After all the drama was gone, Ice made some autumn salad, and the couple enjoyed a meal together. “Honey, don’t worry about what I said to that witch before, I will carry your child if that’s what you want, but I don’t have to enjoy it.”, Ice told her husband, not even caring how icy that line of words just sounded. Fire knew in the bottom of his heart that their just had to be something warm inside of Ice, so he just left things alone, when Ice said stuff like that.


A month later, Icy was getting sick. Deep down, she knew what it was, but she was secretly hoping that it was bad food.


Icy decided she wanted to get her fortune told, she wanted to see if she was indeed expecting. While there, the gypsy informed her she was pregnant and that she should expect to be for a second time as well. “What! You mean I have to carry around two little monsters! No, I can’t accept this, I’m leaving!”, Ice screamed as she stomped away.

I’m sorry this update is so short, but my game kept freezing (it was probably Ice’s cold soul), so the next time I play the McCray family, I will be moving them to Sunlit Tides.

~God Bless